3 inch tool - hootie and the blowfish
about everything
about fighting
about marines
catfood song
clinton fund raising speech
clinton talking about lewinsky
commercial about joining america online
david brinkley when thinking he was off air
donald duck getting some
fart scene from nutty professor
gonhorrea-macarena parody
homer the dom
james bond mix
jeff foxworthy redneck joke
mickey mouse getting some
more about everything
motorcycle ad
rogaine-cocaine parody
senator cleghorn
seven11-stairway to heaven parody
song about killing saddam
sonny hitting the tree
teddy kennedy-rednose reindeer parody
that dodedo song
trapped-gilligans island theme parody
wanna kill elmo
wash the coochie honey
what a drag it is being kurd
what the internet is
windows 95-start me up parody