25 Inch Cock...

There was this guy that couldn't get laid because he had a 25 inch dick. So one day he decides he's going to get it shortened. He goes to the doctor and says, "Doctor, listen, you gotta help me. No chicks'll fuck me cause I have a 25 inch dick!" After a few minutes intense examination the doctor delivers the bad news. "Look man, I'm sorry but this dick is so damn huge I can't possibly reduce it. However, I CAN give you the location of a witch that lives in the woods nearby that can help you out." So off the guy goes into the woods and he finds the witch. "This is what I want you to do," she says. "Go a little further into the woods and you'll come to a pond. There'll be a frog there that can talk. Everytime you ask the frog to marry you and he says no, your dick will decrease by five inches." Off he goes again, into the woods until he comes across a pond and sees the frog. "Froggy," he yells, "will you marry me?" The frog rolls his eyes and yells "NO!" The man looks at his cock and sees that it has decreased to 20 inches. Again, the man yells to the frog, "Froggy, will you marry me?" The frog rolls his eyes and goes "NO!" Now his dick is down to 15 inches, and he figures 10 is ideal. So once more he yells, "Froggy, will you marry me?" The frog looks up one last time and says, "HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU? NO! NO! NO!"

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