Another Toad Version

This guy went to a pet store and said he wanted to buy the most exotic pet they had. The owner showed him Parrots, Fish, etc, and the guy said,
'No, I meant Exotic Exotic'
'OK' said the saleman, follow me...
So, they went into this back room and there on the floor was the ugliest toad he had ever seen...
'What is this' he asked.
'It is the most exotic toad you will find' replied the saleman.
'I'll leave the room for a minute and when I come back, you tell me what you decide.'
So, the saleman leaves, and the toad proceeds to stick out his tongue and give this guy the best blow-job he has ever had.
The saleman returns and the customer says, 'I'll take matter what the cost.'
After he gets the toad home, he sits him on the kitchen table and starts digging through cook books and pots and pans.... His wife comes in and says, 'What are you doing and why is that God awful toad on the table?'
'Because,' said the husband, 'Once I teach him how to cook, you're outta here'

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