Blind Man

A blindman was taking a trip to Texas when he got on the plane and went to his seat he felt his seat and it was really big so he went to the stewardess and said "my seat is really big and she said "everything's bigger in Texas". When the blindman got to his hotel room he had to go to the bathroom so he started walking across the room he walked for about 5 minutes in a straight line before he hit a wall when he told the bell boy he simply replied "everything's bigger in Texas".Then when the blindman went to the bar to have a drink he ordered a small drink when the bartender gave him the drink he felt it and said "I ordered a small" the bartender replied "everything's bigger in Texas".when the blindman asked where the bathroom was the bartender said "third door on the left in the hall so the blindman left and he felt door 1 then 2 but then he tripped and so he went into door 4 instead of 3 which went to the pool when the blindman fell in the pool he screamed "DONT FLUSH DONT FLUSH".

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