Broom Factory

A blonde has been working in a broom factory since childhood.

But one day, she storms into the managers office and exclaims 'I quit this job, I'am not working here anymore'.

The manager naturally does not want to lose a hardworking and beautiful girl, so he calm's her down and ask's her what the problem is.

After a lot of cajoling, she finally tells him 'I've been working here so long with the bristles that I've grown them between my legs.'

At this the manager laughs and tells her that it's a common thing and happens to everyone as they grow older. But she does not believe him, so finally he locks the door and tells her 'Look, I'll prove it to you. I'll drop my pants and you can see that I've grown them too.'

So, he strips in front of her. At this, the blonde cries out, 'Oh my God! It's worse than I thought. You've grown the broom handle as well.'

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