Cajun Life

Down in southern Louisiana lived a man named Thibideaux, who was deeply in love with Marie.

For years Thib has been asking Marie to marry him, and Marie always refused.

Finally, after a night of dancing and drinking, Thib again asked Marie to marry him.

Marie told him that she would sleep on it tonight and give him an answer in the morning.

Ol' Thibideaux didn't sleep at all that night with excitement and was knocking on Marie's door early the next morning.

When Marie sleeply answered the door, Thib wanted to know her decision.

Marie told Thib she thought about it all night and would agree to the marriage him under three conditions.

Thibideaux was so excited, he told Marie he would agree to anything.

Marie said, "Well Thib, you gotta put a water heater in your house...a woman cannot bathe in cold water."

Ol' Thib hung his head and said, "What else."

Marie says, "And Thib, you always picking your nose, a woman can't be with her man when he always has his finger in his nose."

Ol' Thib hung his head again and says, "What else."

Marie tells Thibideaux, "Well Thib, it's a woman kind of thing, but every once in a while, a woman likes to get on top."

Thibideaux hung his head and tells Marie, "My poor old daddy gave me the same advice all my life.

First, he told me to always stay out of hot water.

Second, he told me to always keep my nose clean.

But most of all, my daddy told me to never Fuck Up...

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