The Chicken and the Horse

A chicken and a horse were in a field together; the horse fell into a mud hole and couldn't get out. He called out to the chicken and said 'help, help go and get the farmer I can't get out and I'm sinking in further.

The chicken runs up to the farm house and tries to get the farmer but he isn't around. Being a quick thinking chick, she ran and got the farmer's Mercedes and drove it to the mud hole. She then tied a rope to the tow hook and threw it to the horse and she pulled him out with the Mercedes.

The horse was very grateful !

A week or so later the chicken fell into the very same mud hole. She called out to the horse and he came running she said 'Help! Go and get the farmer. I can't get out'. The horse then straddled over the mud hole and told the chick to hang on to the 'thingy' between his legs. She did and he managed to pull her out.

The morale of the story . . . .

You don't need a Mercedes to pick up a chick . . . . you just need to be hung like horse

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