Long, long ago in a land far away, a beautiful girl wished on a falling star that she may go to a ball the the Prince was having.

When magically appeared her very own fairy godmother, she granted Cinderella her wish and sent Cinderella to the ball in a beautiful blue dress with crystal slippers, a glorious carriage with 6 white horses and 2 handsome coachmen.

She had one warning for Cinderella, she said " Cinderella, you have to be home by midnight, That is when my magic spell will be broken. Oh and one more thing, I have put a curse on you if you do not return home by the appointed hour your pussy will turn into a pumpkin." "Ok" said Cinderella. And off she went to the ball.

The fairy godmother waited and waited and waited but Cinderella did not come home by midnight, she didn't return until 9am the next morning.

The fairy godmother asked her "where were you? You knew that you had to be home by midnight" Cinderella replied, "I met a man.....his name is Peter-Peter"

(for those of you who don't know who "Peter-Peter" is, he is a famous fairy tale "pumpkin" eater)

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