Doctors Opinion

A woman who knew absolutely nothing about sex fell in love with a man and agreed to marry him.
As their wedding day approached, she was very nervous about her upcoming first sexual experience. She realized that all she could do was go ahead and marry him and let him do whatever it was that married people do.
The honeymoon went real good and was great fun but as soon as she got home, she saw her doctor to find out some things. He asked what he could help her with.
She said, 'first, what is that thing between my husbands legs called?'
He said 'Maam that is called a penis'.
She said, 'OK, what is the big thing on the end of the penis?'
He replied, 'That is called the head of the penis.'
She said 'OK, what are those two big round things about 12'-14' behind the head of the penis?'
He paused and said 'I'm not sure about your husband Maam but on me, they are called the cheeks of my ass!!'

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