A Dry Cigarette

Two older women are sitting on a bench waiting for a bus. One of them takes out a cigarette and starts to smoke. A minute later it starts to rain so the women who is smoking takes out a condom, cut's of the end and carefully placed it over the cigarette to shield it from the rain. The other lady looks at that and says

"Thats such a good idea, but what is that plastic thing?
"It's a condom." The other lady says
"Well where can you buy those?"
"Um... Most people buy them at pharmacies"

So the lady who was asking all the questions goes to a pharmacie and walks up to the counter.

"Do you guys sell those condom things?" The lady says to the pharmacist "Why yes we do," the pharmacist says a little confused "do you know what size you need?"

So the lady says "Well its got to fit a Camel."

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