Dumb Blonde

Behind a billboard on a highway a police officer was clocking the cars that go by.
Later on at about the end of his shift this drop dead gorgeous blonde went zooming by at about 110 Mph.
So he pursued her and pulled her over about a mile down the road.
He went to the car and asked for her drivers license and she said "drivers license whats that?"
He said thats usually in your purse and it has your picture on it.
She said Ok she looked and found it then gave it to him.
Than he asked for her registration and she said "registration, whats that?"
He said that it was the paper that is usually kept in your glove compartment and it proves that you own the car.
She said "Ok" and looked and she found it and gave it to him.
He said ok just wait here and he went back to his car and radioed the information in to the dispatch and the dispatcher says "wo wo wo wo wo, Is that like a drop dead gorgeous blonde?"
The cop says yes.
The dispatcher asks if she is like dumb as a door nail?
The cop says "ya why?"
He says "ok this is what you have to do, you have to go back to her car and just drop your pants."
The cop says "WHAT???"
The dispatcher says "trust me just do it."
The cop says "ok your the boss."
So he goes and drops his pants and the blonde says "oh no, not another breathalizer test."

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