Fire Off The Gun...

This guy & his girfriend had a problem. No matter how hard they tried they couldn't cum together. The guy tells his girlfriend, dont worry babe, I will go to the doctors and he will tell us what we can do.

So, the guy goes to the doctors office, and the doctor asks him "Son, what seems to be the problem?" The man says Well, Doc, I dont know. No matter how hard we try, my girlfriend and I just cant seem to cum together.

The Doctor tells him, "OH, son that is no problem at all. My wife and I had the same problem, and here is what you have to do." "Put a gun beneath your pillow, & when you start to cum, fire off the gun, she'll cum, you'll cum it works like a gem everytime!"

So, a couple of weeks later, the Doctor sees the man walking down the street, so he goes up to him and says "Well son, I havent heard anything from you, how did everything work out?" The man said, I don't know Doc....I did everything that you told me to do. I put a gun under my pillow, when I started to cum, I fired off the gun.....Then she shit all over my face and bit my dick off.

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