A Frog Man

A man sat at a barstool and plopped a frog down on the bar. The bartender says, "What in the world are you doin with that frog?" "Why I'm going to sell it for a hundred dollars", replied the man.

"What's so special about that frog?"

"This frog eats pussy," exclaimed the man.

A few minutes later in walks this beautiful woman.

She asked, "What are you doing with that frog?"

"Why its for sale mam, this frogs eats pussy. And I'll let you have it for $100."

"I'll take it", shouted the lady as she threw down $100.

"Ok mam, here's the frog and my phone number in case you have any problems."

The lady took the frog home, laid down spread eagle naked in bed and prodded the frog. Nothing happened. She poked the frog and nothing. It didn't move. She called the man who sold her the frog. "This frog won't do anything, I want my money back"

The man said, "Hold it, I'll be right there, give me your address." The man heads straight for the lady's home.

He walks in and sure enough the frog is not doing anything. It just sits there.

Then the man says to the frog, "Allright, I'm going to show you this just one more time."

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