The Fruits...

One day 3 guys got stranded on an island and were caputured by cannibals. They begged for there life, so the king cannibal said "OK, I'll give you 2 trials, I'll tell you the first one and the second one later. The first is pick 10 fruits of the same kind."

So they set off and later the first guy returned with 10 apples and the king said "now you have to shove them up your ass without flinching or anything."
He shoved the first on up but with the second he flinched so they eat him and he goes to heaven.

The second guys returns with berries and the king tells him he must shove them up his ass without flinching or anything. He shoves 9 up his ass and on the last one he laughs so they eat him and he goes to heavean.

The first guy and the second guy meet up in heavean the first guy says to the second guy "why did you laugh, you could have lived" and the second guy replies "I was fine until I saw the third guy with all those watermelons!"

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