George & Sam

George and Sam were in buissness togeather all their lives. They owned a fishing boat and were very sucessful, the only problem was that they could not stand each others guts. One evening after a long day at sea, George was walking up the foot path towards home when he spotted a corked bottle next to the path. He picked it up and popped the cork and out came a Genie.

"Thank-you very much, for freeing me from that bottle, I'll grant you 3 wishes" said the Genie. George could hardly contain his excitement, but said the Genie, there is one stipulation, whatever you ask for you'll get, but Sam will get double. Well this enraged George, but what choice did he have.

Well said George, "for my first wish I'd like 10 million dollars. No problem said the Genie, But Sam gets 20 million dollars. With this George became more enraged, for my second wish I'd like to have 20 of the most beautiful women in the world to love. No problem said the Genie But don't forget Sam gets 40 women. Well this sent George over the deep end, you have one more wish said the Genie, I'm thinking said George. After a short deliberation George looked at the Genie and said, For my third and final wish, I'd like for you to beat me HALF TO DEATH!  

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