Helping The Boys

Then there was the little girl who hung around the boys Frisbee team at school.

Anytime the Frisbee would get stuck in a tree, she would climb up the tree and retrieve it.

That evening, her mom asked her what she had done in school, "I had lots of fun", she said, "Everytime the Frisbee got stuck in a tree, I climbed up to get it."

Her mom was shocked. "Don't do that anymore!" she warned, "The boys throw the Frisbee into the trees so they can see your underware when you climb."

The next day, the mom again asked how school had gone. The little girl said "I had fun again. I hung around the team, and climbed the trees when the Frisbees got stuck. But don't worry, I didn't want the boys to see my underware, so I didn't wear any!"

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