Honeymoon Jitters

A couple is on their honeymoon. It's the first time they have ever slept together. The new wife goes into the bathroom to prepare herself. She comes out of the bathroom looking really hot.

The new husband is lying on the bed. He looks up and says, "If you think I'm gonna stick my thing in there, your crazy!"

The wife replies," But that's what your supposed to do on your honeymoon night."

"No way, I'm not gonna do it."

The wife replies, "Why?"

"Because if I stick it in there, you'll bite it off."

The wife laughs and says, "Where did you hear such a thing?"

"My mother told me that women have teeth down there."

"Oh honey, your mother just told you that because she didn't want you to have pre-marital sex. It will be fine."

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