Honeymoon Night

A male and a female golfer who met on the course eventually got married. On their honeymoon night (at a golf resort, of course) they proceeded to consummate their marriage. After the first episode (which made the earth move) the man picked up the phone and started dialing.

His wife asked, "Who are you calling?"

He replied, "Room Service. I want some champagne."

She said, "Jack Nicklaus wouldn't do that. He would make love to me again!"

So, they embarked on another episode. The second time was even better. He picked up the phone after their sex and

She said, "You aren't calling Room Service are you? You know, Jack Nicklaus wouldn't do that -- he'd make love to me again." The man sighed a bit and proceeded to make love to his new wife again.

The third time took all of his energy. He struggled to pick up the phone and dial the number.

His new wife asked, "Are you calling Room Service, Honey?"

He shouted back, "Hell no! I'm calling Jack Nicklaus to see what the par on this damn hole is!"

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