I Do Declare... Southern Women

Three Southern Belles were setting on the porch fanning themselves. One of them had just returned from a shopping trip to New York City. In her sweetest, southern voice she said:

'Do you know, that in New York City, there are men who have sex with other men'

One replied: 'And what do they call them'...

The Belle replied, 'They call them homosexuals'

The Belle went on...

'And did you know that in New York City, there are women who have sex with other women?'

The other Belle said... I do declare, whatever do they call them?

The Belle replied, 'They are called, 'Lesbians.''

Finally the returned Belle said: 'And did you know, there are men in New York City who eat women's pussies.'

'Oh my goodness, and what do they call those men?'

The belle blushed and replied, 'I'm not sure what the women of New York call them, but I called them SWEETHEART.'

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