I only have a penny

one day a really horny man walked into a cheap whore house and asked the woman in charge "what can i get for a penny?"

she replied "well, on the hallway straight ahead there is a woman in there you can make love to but dont be alarmed, she likes to lay still with the lights off."

the man quickly agrees and goes to the room where the woman layed and proceeded to have sex with her. all of a sudden, to his surprise, white liquid starts to come out of her eyes and ears and nose. he screams and runs back to the front desk.

"there's white stuff coming out of her eyes!!!!!" yells the man

the woman at the front desk turns around and yells to the people behind her

"the dead one's full again!"

two days later, the man ncomes back to the same whore house and decides that he needs to get a little action

"listen lady, i am really horny,and i only have a dime but i dont want to have sex with any dead people! ok?"

"sure" the woman replies. "just go to the second floor where you will find a big white wall with a hole in it. have sex with the hole and you will reach orgasm. trust me"

so the man proceeds to the second floor, whereupon, he finds the wall and starts to have sex with it. he really enjoys the sex and cums before he leaves.

two days later, the same man returns and asks the same woman

"today i only have a penny. i really enjoyed yesterday, do you have anything else?"

"why yes we do" said the woman. "we cant actually promise you sex but many of our customers like the live sex show on the second floor."

the man goes up to the second floor and sees a room labeled "sex show". so he walks in where he finds a goat strapped to a wall being analy penetrated by a penis coming through a hole in the wall, disgusted, the man says to the other gentleman next to him

"what kind of sick crap is this?"

the man replies "you should have seen it two days ago, some sicko was doing a dog!"  

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