In The Army Now

There was this guy who just got sent to the Sahara Desert for his tour of duty.

Once he was over there for a while he began to get real horney. He went to see the captain in the head tent. He told the captain that he really needed a woman.

The captain told him he could use the camel in the other tent.

The guy said thanks but no thanks I'll just wait.

So he went on about his business. A few weeks went by and the need for a woman returned even more prominent than before. He headed back to the captains tent to talk to him about it again.

The captain then said the same thing concerning the use of the camel.

The guy declined again and again left the captains tent feeling very bad.

A few more weeks go by and the guy just cant take it anymore. He heads back to the captains tent fully intending to use the camel as the captain had offered twice before. He walks in and tells the captain that he'll take the camel and then asks where it is?

The captain and his friend show the guy to the tent where the camel is being kept.

The guy sizes up the camel trying to figure out just how hes going to do this. All the while the captain and his friend stand behind the curtain and watch. The guy climbs up on the camels back and takes his dick out and stick it in and begins to have sex with the camel.

He then hears loud peels of laughter coming from the other side of the curtain.

He yells for the captain and the captain comes out. The guy asks whats so funny?

The captain looks at his friend and chokes out that most guys just get on the camel and ride it into town.

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