In a Court

Three women were in a court. One was a brunnette, one was a red-head, and the last woman was a blonde. They were standing in front of the judge. All three women were being acused of a crime.

A man came up to the brunnette and pointed his gun at her. He said, " Do you have any last requests?" The brunnette said, "Yes I do....TORNADO!" Then, everyone ducked and she ran out. After that, the man pointed his gun at the red-head. He asked her, " Do you have any last requests?" And the red-head said, "Yes I do....TWISTER!" Then, everyone ducked and the red-head ran out.

Finally, the man pointed the gun at the blonde. She thought to herself, "Hey- I can do this!" The man asked her, "Do you have any last requests?" The blonde replied, "Yes I do....FIRE!"

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